Penka's students participate in variety of recitals in variety of settings and venues. The fun, low-profile and educational setting is for inexperienced performers who are learning how to perform and deal with stage-fright or performance anxiety. Branch Honors, Convention and Competition Recitals are for more advanced and serious learners who are interested in polishing their performing skills.  


Bay Area School of Music (BASOM) Recitals

BASOM Recitals are geared towards both - beginner and advanced students. The Beginners Recitals - are fun, engaging and educational. Students join to share their favorite songs. They are instructed on variety of techniques to managing nerves for more successful and positive experience. The Advanced Recitals serve as a general dress rehearsal towards upcoming competitions, evaluations and exams. All BASOM recitals are free for attending audience. 

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Music Teachers' Association of California (MTAC) Recitals

  • Junior Recital: A recital for students who are just learning how to perform in public. These recitals are held at various places with friendly audiences, such as senior centers.
  • Student Recital: A monthly recital for students that have some experience performing in public. These recitals are normally held at the Trianon Theater, 72 North 5th Street, San Jose.

  • Adult Recital: A recital for students who have finished high school. Adult students as well as teachers play on this recital. 

MTAC Branch Honors & Convention Recitals

Students who participate in the MTAC Branch Honors and Convention Recitals have passed the Certificate of Merit Evaluations with outstanding results in both performance and theory.  These recitals are celebration of the accomplishments those students achieve.